family sleep consult

“Our entire family benefited from our experience with Annie. Our second born is 2 and was waking 6-8 times a night consistently. I had read sleeping books and researched on my own. I thought I could fix our problem myself. Within 1 week of our customized plan, he was sleeping through the night 7pm-7am! It has left more time for my husband and I to enjoy each other and we are all in better moods. I would highly recommend anyone on the fence to call Annie sooner than later, you will not regret it.”

-Tessa L.

pediatric sleep consult

“This program is absolutely amazing, and Annie was great to work with! Our
2-year-old was waking up and coming into our bed multiple times a night. He would also require us laying with him for a couple hours to fall asleep. After finishing the 10 day program he is sleeping 11 hours straight a night in his own bed, and he now goes to bed on his own as well. Annie is very knowledgeable about different solutions to help your little one sleep and is there for you each step of the way. I would recommend this to everyone (with any age kiddo) to do if you/your child isn't sleeping 10-12 hours straight a night. Gave us a whole different perspective on sleep! Thank you Annie!!“

-Abby K. 

baby sleep consult

“Being a single mom is hard enough, but having your one year old wake up every hour and still have to go to work in the morning… talk about exhaustion! An old co-worker recommended Annie to me and at that point I was ready to try anything. To say Annie is a blessing is an understatement! She guided me every step of the way. My little guy now sleeps through the night. Please don’t hesitate to have Annie help you, it’ll be the best decision you’ll make for you and your baby!”

-Melissa O.

baby sleep consult

“Like most we really questioned if purchasing a program was needed. We googled and tried a few tips but they eventually started to fail us. At our worst, a typical night looked like lots of singing and squatting to get him to sleep. He would wake every 3 hours and breastfeeding was the only thing that would put him back to sleep. After implementing the program our little one is now sleeping 12+ hours a night. He goes down on his own and we have a great nightly routine we all enjoy. We have also seen improvements in his overall mood. We even have our evenings back as a couple with no anxiety about what to do if he wakes. Annie provides tools to use during those times when sleep might be off. Don't question if you should schedule the initial consult!”

-Tara B.

“I am 30 years old and for the first time in over 10 years I actually sleep! I have tried more over the counters then I can count and a couple sleeping med by prescription. My next step was to do a sleep study. I reached out to Annie in hope to find a different way then medications. She was a Godsend! She came up with a plan and together we followed it with her constant support. I have never slept this well! She can help no matter age and it is well worth it!”

-Miranda E.

“She (8 month old daughter) slept all night for the third night in a row! And I slept from 10:30 until 6:30 it was amazing!!!...She is doing so great, I’m so glad I decided to do the full package with you. I don't think I could've stayed as strong without the support. This chart works great!“

-Chelsey J.

“I officially have a three year old and 9 month old who sleep 7pm-7am because of Annie. The plan she developed was straight forward and easy to follow. While hard at times, Annie offered support and encouragement. When we had questions she was there to answer them. She genuinely cared about our success. My children are so much happier when they are well rested which was the most important thing, but being able to have our nights back and being well rested ourselves is an added bonus. Thanks Annie!”

-Danielle W.

“Would definitely recommend Annie to anyone looking to help their child sleep! We were up multiple times with our little guy and struggling to get through our days. We started with Annie when our baby was 5 months old and now he sleeps through the night! So thankful as he's a happier baby and mom and dad are getting some much needed rest! Annie has a flexible schedule and is easy to work and communicate with. She truly comes up with a sleep plan to fit every family's individual needs. So thankful to have found her!!”

-Kelsey N.

“Annie changed how I think about sleep! After I had my daughter a year and a half ago, I never got back into being able to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. I used to just get anxious around bedtime because I was worn out deciding if tonight was going to be a good night of sleep or if I would be up tossing and turning. Annie worked with me for 2 full weeks and created a new mindset for me towards sleep. Now I get excited for my bedtime routine and sleep. It really is amazing how much she helped me! I have recommended her and will continue to highly recommend her to anyone needing help sleeping. She's the best”

-Marie H.

“Before working with Annie, we were at wits end and desperate to get our 10 month old sleeping at night. We read all the books, sought out advice from other parents, and were about ready to accept that we simply got a child that didn't "like to sleep." We were exhausted and so frustrated. Annie was our saving grace! She was fabulous to work with and was there for us every step of the way. She customized and individualized a plan that would work for both us as parents, and our son. After just 3 days we saw remarkable improvement and within 2 weeks of working with Annie and following our plan, our son was sleeping 12 hours straight at night! This was something we never thought possible, coming from 10 months of 2-8 wake-ups a night. We highly recommend Annie for improving the quality of sleep in your home. Her service is invaluable. Our only regret is that we didn't hire Annie sooner!”

-Hope & Tanner S.

“In my opinion of the sleep training that Annie helped us with, it was a godsend. Let me start by asking 3 questions. Do you value time with your significant other? Does your child act better when they have a good night’s sleep? Do you enjoy fighting your child at bedtime? My answer to these should be obvious. We started the sleep training and there were difficulties. We did have to modify how we did certain things around bedtime. I would say our experience was great. Our 2 year old took to it quite well. All it really seemed to take was a consistent schedule with the techniques which Annie taught us. Our daughter seems to now understand that when we do the routine it is time to get ready to sleep. I would say that regardless the cost, it is worth doing not only for your child’s well-being but also for your own sanity. This also helped our 5 year old so he will stay in bed all night with no issues. He also understands that when it is time for bed. I would strongly suggest this as a viable solution if you can say that you want a more restful night’s sleep and more time with your wife. - from one seriously grateful dad!”

-Dion B.