How is everyone sleeping in your household?


Hey there! My name is Annie Schlecht and I’m a Certified Sleep Consultant. I can help your family get back into a healthy sleep routine. As a sleep consultant, it is my mission to help parents feel calm (or zen, if you will) and confident in their ability to get their child to sleep peacefully throughout the night. I’ll work one-on-one with you to create a personalized plan based on you or your child's specific needs. If you or your child are having trouble sleeping, I’m your girl! Check out my child and adult sleep packages. Learn more about Annie.

Common Sleep Concerns   

  • "My baby will only fall asleep if I hold, rock, or feed her."  

  • "My toddler will only fall asleep if I lay with him." 

  • "My baby wakes up multiple times a night and will not go back to sleep unless I feed her or replace the pacifier."  

  • "My toddler ends up sleeping in my bed every night."

  • "My little one is a short or inconsistent napper."  

  • "My toddler is waking up way too early."  

  • "My kiddo is fussy and irritable throughout the day."  

  • “I can’t shut my brain off at night. It takes me hours to fall asleep.”

I can help with EACH one of these sleep issues by using modern sleep strategies and my therapeutic background to create customized sleep plans that will work for you and your child.