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Hey there! My name is Annie Schlecht and I’m a Certified Sleep Consultant. I can help you and your family get back into a healthy sleep routine. As a sleep expert, it is my mission to help you feel calm (or zen, if you will) and confident in your ability to fall asleep or get your child to sleep peacefully throughout the night. I’ll work one-on-one with you to create a personalized plan based on your specific needs. If you or your child are having trouble sleeping, I’m your girl!

Common Sleep Concerns

  • “My baby will only fall asleep if I hold, rock, or feed her.”  
  • “My toddler will only fall asleep if I lay with him.” 
  • “My baby wakes up multiple times a night and will not go back to sleep unless I feed her or replace the pacifier.”  
  • “My toddler ends up sleeping in my bed every night.”
  • “My little one is a short or inconsistent napper.”  
  • “My toddler is waking up way too early.”  
  • “My kiddo is fussy and irritable throughout the day.”  
  • “I can’t shut my brain off at night. It takes me hours to fall asleep.”
  • “I wake up every night at 2 am and can’t fall back to sleep.”

I can help with EACH one of these sleep issues by using modern sleep strategies and my therapeutic background to create customized sleep plans that will work for you and your child.

“Our entire family benefited from our experience with Annie. Our second born is 2 and was waking 6-8 times a night consistently. I had read sleeping books and researched on my own. I thought I could fix our problem myself. Within 1 week of our customized plan, he was sleeping through the night 7pm-7am! It has left more time for my husband and I to enjoy each other and we are all in better moods. I would highly recommend anyone on the fence to call Annie sooner than later, you will not regret it.”

Tessa L.

“This program is absolutely amazing, and Annie was great to work with! Our 2-year-old was waking up and coming into our bed multiple times a night. He would also require us laying with him for a couple hours to fall asleep. After finishing the 10 day program he is sleeping 11 hours straight a night in his own bed, and he now goes to bed on his own as well. Annie is very knowledgeable about different solutions to help your little one sleep and is there for you each step of the way. I would recommend this to everyone (with any age kiddo) to do if you/your child isn’t sleeping 10-12 hours straight a night. Gave us a whole different perspective on sleep! Thank you Annie!!“

Abby K.

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